The best investment, is the investment in yourself

Life Above Ground

Here at Life Above Ground in Hawke's Bay we truly believe that the best investment you can make is the investment in yourself.  Carissa works with individuals, couples, teams and business owners by providing a pathway to wellbeing through massage, personal development, profiling and wellbeing workshops.

Massage and wellbeing

Living in a fast paced world can leave you feeling stressed, and overwhelm is the new norm.

Each individual's experience of life is unique to them, and the way your body is functioning plays a key role in how this life unfolds.

At Life Above Ground we understand how your mind and body are connected, and take a holistic approach to wellbeing by offering personal development and massage therapy all in the one place.  

Taking time out for you has many emotional, mental and physical health benefits, why not explore your options, we'd love you to get in touch today.

Living the life you desire

Life above ground is exactly that, your life being lived, right here, right now, on this earth.

  • Are you constantly putting yourself second because you don't have the time or money?
  • Are you surviving life versus enjoying each day? 
  • Do you feel you are not worthy of self love?

If you are looking for relaxation or a fresh perspective to assist you in your personal success goals, Life Above Ground can help.

We firmly believe you already have everything you need to live the life you desire and welcome the opportunity to walk with you on your journey of discovery.

A journey of her own

"The more I tried to escape my life, the harder it became. I spent so much time focused on what was wrong and never on what was right. My external vision in no way matched my inner version of my life, and it was at my darkest point, with depression and anxiety that I came to understand the importance of the connection between the mind and body.  

I created Life Above Ground with the intention to assist / share and grow with others to move through this beautiful life we have, right here and now. It's a safe place where people are supported, where they are thought of, and where they matter. Where it does not matter the reason you booked in, you leave with greater clarity on where you are heading."

"Because your life is meant to be extraordinary in every aspect." HeartCarissa

So beautifully relaxing

“I met Carissa through the company I work for - Vital HB - and I am so glad I did. So easy to book (I usually do it through the website) and really reasonable pricing. I’ve had an AromaTouch treatment, which was so beautifully relaxing, but my fave is always the 45 minute muscle treat. Not only is Carissa a fantastic masseuse, she is also great at talking and helping pinpoint other stressors in life to work on through casual chitchat (if you want her too, that is). Carissas experience, vibrant energy and compassion really make her a well-rounded human being and I am grateful for her presence in my life.” 

- Olivia Webster, Vital HB Chiropractic & Nutrition