A passion for health and wellbeing

Learning how to thrive

Learning and understanding 'how to be well' has always been a passion of mine. After experiencing life changing health challenges within my family life became more about how to 'survive' over how to 'thrive' from a very young age.

Using massage and personal development for wellbeing

Carissa's goal is Movement, Growth, and Development because they play such an important role in personal happiness and success.  Learning and understanding how ‘to be well’ has always been her passion. She loves assisting people to find what works best for them in living a life they love.

Originally from Napier Hawke’s Bay, Carissa moved to Australia for 12 years, it was during a year at home break in 2010 that she studied massage at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, where she earned her Level 4 Certificate. Massage for Carissa was a way to help others feel relaxed, to switch off, and to take the time to heal either physically or at an emotional/mental level.  

Massage and an interest in the mind / body connection, coupled with her love of sports led her to the position of Sports Trainer for an AFL and Football team back in Australia between 2012 and 2015. During this time she learnt the importance of pre and post-care, and she began to look at the bigger picture of well being. Carissa also spent these years working from home as a massage therapist, and providing massage therapy in a Chiropractic Clinic.  2017 saw Carissa make the move back to New Zealand where she started Life Above Ground.

"I believe wellbeing is more than just healthy eating and exercising, it's about having the mindset to match. Massage offers a form of relaxation so many of us are missing in our day to day lives."

A journey of her own

In 2015 Carissa worked with Tom Cartwright from Cartwright Coaching for six months and started this personal development journey, beginning with Extended DISC profiling, a service she now offers her own clients.  With guidance she learnt how to make decisions without doubt, and most importantly learnt how to love and accept herself and others, and their unique qualities.  She gained a curiosity about others and life she never had before.

Seeing the ongoing benefits of personal development, 2016 saw Carissa undertake the Your Success programme as part of her own journey, she found it simple to use and easy to relate to while providing the skills she needed to keep moving towards success in her own life.  Carissa uses Your Success as a choice in her coaching services for those who want to work at their own pace, in their own environment, with support along the way.

​The beginnings of Life Above Ground

About Life Above Ground Carissa says:

"The more I tried to escape my life, the harder it became. I spent so much time focused on what was wrong and never on what was right. My external vision in no way matched my inner version of my life, and it was at my darkest point, with depression and anxiety that I came to understand the importance of the connection between the mind and body.  

I created Life Above Ground with the intention to assist / share and grow with others to move through this beautiful life we have, right here and now. 

It's a safe place where people are supported, where they are thought of, and where they matter. Where it does not matter the reason you booked in, you leave with greater clarity on where you are heading, because your life is meant to be extraordinary in every aspect."

"Life is meant to be extraordinary in every aspect."

I love Carissa's holistic approach

"I have been seeing Carissa for a year now, it is her warmth and the connection I have with her that keeps me coming back.  I love her holistic approach, not just focusing on the body, she understands there are multiple facets to a person, and encourages you to look at all of them." 

- Kelsie, Teacher, Mum