The power of massage and wellbeing as seen by clients

Regular appointment makes difference to how I feel physically & mentally

"Carissa was recommended to me by my chiropractor, who thought I would benefit from a regular massage booking, given the sedentary nature of my work and shoulder/back complaints.

And, it has made a big difference in my life. I sit for so much of the day, it has taken a physical toll over time. I’ve been a client for over six months now, and having a regular monthly appointment has made a huge difference to the way I feel physically and mentally. It gives my body something regular to respond to each month and I've found I sleep better, am more mobile for physical activity like cycling and overall, more relaxed and physically able to get through the month sitting in the office.

The sessions are great for the body and the brain, but it's as much Carissa’s personality and thoughtful communication that keeps me coming back. Having a fair bit in common, similar takes on life and a drive to look after the mind and the body feel like a natural fit for me and my health routine these days. The physical benefits speak for themselves, but it's that immeasurable human element, which in of itself is a huge part why I continue to choose Life Above Ground and Carissa.

My expectations are continually met, the convenient location, ease of booking and great communication is the icing on the cake.  Carissa is super cool, super smart and a great person to chat to about just about anything. That of course, is entirely irrelevant to the health and wellbeing services provided but it does make a difference. Life Above Ground is a fantastic health solution, one I unreservedly would recommend."
- Andrew Biggs, Eyesound Online

Massage leaves me feeling great

"I began seeing Carissa six months ago as I suffered from a bad back and sore shoulders, after a week or two I began to feel very little pain. I keep coming back for massage therapy because it leaves me feeling great afterwards, plus I get great life advice.  Carissa rocks."
- Tim Neville, Sharp Edge Engineering

A fantastic masseuse, with vibrant energy and compassion

“I met Carissa through the company I work for - Vital HB - and I am so glad I did. So easy to book (I usually do it through the website) and really reasonable pricing. I’ve had an AromaTouch treatment, which was so beautifully relaxing, but my fave is always the 45 minute muscle treat. Not only is Carissa a fantastic masseuse, she is also great at talking and helping pinpoint other stressors in life to work on through casual chitchat (if you want her too, that is). Carissas experience, vibrant energy and compassion really make her a well-rounded human being and I am very grateful for her presence in my life.” 
- Olivia Webster, Vital HB Chiropractic & Nutrition 

Carissa was exactly what I needed

Carissa was exactly what I needed at that moment in my life.  Being on the PND/Anxiety/PTSD journey meant that although I did see huge changes and growth within myself before I started seeing Carissa, I truly believe the difference for me started on my first appointment.  

I had a lot of fear around this appointment, in opening up to someone, letting someone massage me, and at the time seeing this as a  'treat' for myself, when money was already very tight.  Her chats, advice, knowledge, and warmth and connection is something I have not experienced before in my journey from the professionals I have used.

In each massage appointment Carissa allowed me to dig deeper and look within myself. She encouraged me to find my why, what gets me going, who I am as a person, where I want to go, and how saying no to others is saying yes to myself. She allowed me to be, and I allowed myself to be, letting things come and letting them go. 

I have learnt so much about myself, and of course the massage she does is amazing.  It has really helped to ease the tension I was carrying in my body, hold myself better, and be more aware of how my body is feeling.

I have been seeing Carissa for a year now, it is her warmth and the connection I have with her that keeps me coming back.  I love her holistic approach, not just focusing on the body.  She checks in after my appointments to see how my body, and how I am going to.  She sees there are multiple facets to a person, and encourages you to look at all of them. I love getting the cupping done, I think this is a huge positive that Carissa adds this into her massage appointments.

Carissa is always professional, on time, helpful, and just overall cares hugely and genuinely about her clients, I don't feel like I am are 'just another client'. She has met all expectations quite clearly for me, as my husband now goes, my mum, step mum and sister. All regular clients. So I think that in itself shows a lot.

I also love how easy it is to make a booking, either online, at the time or via messenger.

Massage isn't just a 'treat' but rather a form of self care and self love. I would have loved to see Carissa earlier on in my journey, however, things do happen for a reason and I do believe Carissa came into my life right when I needed her. When I was ready, open to receiving help and ready to grow. I am incredibly proud of Carissa."
- Kelsie, Teacher and Mum