Movement for your mind

Creating a mindset for your success

At Life Above Ground, we believe to create a mindset for success you must first understand how you operate. 
We explore how your past experiences, attitudes and beliefs shaped the person you are today, then uncover and enrich the skills you need for your success.

Personal development

Life Above Ground has different personal development options to suit your needs and budget.

Sessions are designed to dig deep, looking at all aspects of your life and your personality, then create strategies to have you living the life you desire.

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Mind and body

  • Are you looking for a life that excites you?
  • Are you looking for fulfilment and happiness?
  • Are you looking for purpose, passion and inspiration?
  • Are you looking for strong healthy relationships?
  • Are you looking for success and to fulfil your dreams?

If you are not doing what you love then you won't love what you are doing. Wellbeing is more than healthy eating and an exercise regime, it's having the mindset to match. 

Extended DISC Profiling

Extended DISC profiling helps you achieve a clearer understanding of yourself so you can better adapt and adjust for greater outcomes and results in all areas of your life. It can increase productivity and job satisfaction, and have you communicating on a new level with those around you.

Profiling centres around four different personality traits, which are currently Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance, then looks at your most natural, most comfortable way of handling situations.

Extended DISC Profiling is an essential tool for individuals, couples, sports teams, or business environments.

Profiling session format

Profiling starts with an online questionnaire (10 min), then you discuss the results with Carissa and unpack the full report which takes approximately 60-90 mins.

Success in business

Success in business is largely determined by how well people interact with each other. Imagine if you could 'read' team members, or customers because you have a clear understanding of how you interact with others? Extended DISC profiling is a very practical and highly effective method to achieving just that.  The tools you gain will help you learn how to effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate others to create successful relationships.

Get a clear understanding of you

  • What motivates you in work and life?
  • What are your real strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do you best make decisions and best communicate?
  • What causes you stress and what ways best suit you to alleviate stress?

If you would like the answers to these questions and more, contact us to book your DISC profiling session.

Your Success - online workshop

Imagine the power of living your life on a deeper level. Where joy, vitality, confidence, fulfilment, love and relationships flourish. Where each day is more than “just acceptable”, but lived to the fullest. Where you feel inspired, confident, and completely in control of your life’s journey…

Unlock all this and so much more through 12 levels of the ultimate personal growth and self-exploration program.

The human element keeps me coming back

"Massage is great for the body and the brain, but it's as much Carissa’s personality and thoughtful communication that keeps me coming back. The physical benefits speak for themselves, but it's that immeasurable human element, which in of itself is a huge part why I continue to choose Life Above Ground and Carissa."

- Andrew Biggs, Eyesound Online